Each year since 2015, the Historic Decatur Christmas Tour has released commemorative artwork utilizing an image of a local artist’s original painting which represents Historic Decatur.

A selection of previous years’ works are shown below. Giclee prints of past and present works are available in limited quantities. These prints are numbered and hand-signed by the artist, DeAnn Meely.

Since 2019, we have been releasing each year’s work as a limited-edition greeting card as well.

Check back here, or like and follow our Facebook page @HistoricDecaturChristmasTour, or follow us on Instagram at decaturchristmastour to view this year’s art and cards closer to the date of tour.

2020   “Home for The Holidays II”

Home for Thanksgiving

2019   “Home for the Holidays”

Home for the Holidays

2018   “As the Fog Lifts”

Lifting the Fog