300 Block, Cherry Street, NE

Named after long-time resident Ned Frazier, an active businessman and civic and community leader, Frazier Park is a narrow park that anchors the south side of the Old Decatur Historic District between Ferry and Line Streets. In 2003, via a donation made by Daikin America, a traditional Japanese Tea Garden was created on the western end of the park. In 2006, with the vision and dedication of Old Decatur Historic Association founder June Odom, the non-profit group Friends of Frazier Park was formed with a mission to finish the opposite end of the park.

Since the construction of a large terrace in 2010, the eastern end of the park, still a work-in-progress, now boasts a traditional southern-style garden, featuring arbors with benches, brick and cobblestone terraces, attractive landscaping and a fountain. The “east-meets-west” theme of Frazier Park is reflected in a beautiful red footbridge arching over a running water feature which provides both sound and movement as part of the park’s zen atmosphere.

The park draws a wide range of visitors and events from weddings and picnics to quiet strolls along its paths in the evening. Owned and maintained by the City of Decatur, Frazier Park is a unique and distinctive asset to the community and its citizens. This site will be illuminated for the tour, beckoning attendees to visit and quietly inhale the peace and beauty that is Frazier Park.