Gunter-Hutchings House

643 Jackson Street, SE

The Gunter-Hutchings House, circa 1907, is a post-Victorian with craftsman/cottage architectural style. Records show this charming home was built by a prominent local physician, J. Leon Gunter, for his wife, Letitia Gunter.

This one-and-a-half-story framed home features a hipped roof and a front-facing gable with wood-shingle trim.  The large L-shaped porch is admired by many as it truly epitomizes the term “southern porch,” inviting those who live and visit there to “sit a spell and relax” while enjoying a glass of sweet tea or a Dr. Pepper.

This period treasure retains its original hardwood floors, most of its original plaster walls and moldings, fireplaces (one of which is decommissioned and holds its secret enclosed behind the master room closet wall) original transoms, original period toilet, claw foot tub and original carriage house.

Current owners, Donathan and Kelly Hutchings, enjoy the view of their backyard through the kitchen’s picture windows adapted from one of the home’s original interior French doors.  The home features a loving touch, both inside and out. Kelly, who loves color, presents each room in a different light. Hutchings believes that each room needs to feel different and come alive on its own.

Christmas 2020, if, like the rest of 2020, promises to be quite different. Decorated in Victorian Christmas fashion, this home will make this year’s Christmas Tour come alive! Happy Christmas!