401 Sherman Street, SE

Circa 1900

The church building was built by a Congregational church, but no records indicate how long they were in this building or what year the church was built. In 1901, a small group of young Germans bought the church and named their congregation St. Paul’s Lutheran-the same St. Paul’s Lutheran that exists today in southwest Decatur.

In a special meeting held on February 24, 1901, with twelve voting members present, the Lutherans approved the purchase of the building. They paid $1,600 for the building. On March 17, 1901, the church was dedicated. However, the down payment was not made until May 1, 1901. As St. Paul’s grew, members realized they were out growing the church building, and they moved to their present location in southwest Decatur.

In 1968, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Vickrey and her husband purchased the church and developed a ministry that became known as Christ’s Mission. They ministered to the poor and needy by clothing and feeding them. After Mrs. Vickrey’s death, a foundation sold the church to Don Thomas, the present owner. The only request the foundation had for Mr. Thomas was that the building remain a church. Mr. Thomas has honored this promise as the building has been occupied by Vintage Faith Church, an independent, interdenominational church since 2006. The current pastor is Brad Eades. You will not want to miss touring this beautiful historic church on December 10th.