601 Oak Street NE


Built Circa 1915, this stately brick home has an unusual roof. Although it looks like clay tile, the roof is actually metal and is believed to be the original roof. William E. and Lucile B. Curry resided here during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Mr. Curry was a C.P.A. who served in the Army during WWI. The couple attended First Methodist Church where she served as an organist for the church. Ms. Curry also served as the treasurer of the Decatur Concert Association for several years and was a member of the Decatur Music Club. The house was later divided into a duplex. In 1986, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Cagle purchased the home. It was during their ownership that the most significant renovations took place as they are credited for returning the home to a single-family residence. Some of their contributions include removing a patio that extended across the entire front façade, converting a side porch into a sun porch, and the addition of the rear deck. The damaged front and back doors were replaced during this time with “new” vintage doors. The upstairs was reconfigured and the attic was turned into an additional bedroom. Stone Lumber milled matching interior trim for replacement where needed and the electrical and plumbing were replaced. Additionally, the second-floor veranda was installed in the rear of the home using iron beams from an old Sears’ warehouse in Huntsville, and finally, the dirt floor basement was turned into living space.

The current owners, Richard and Heather Conkle, purchased the house in 2021 from the previous owner Peggy Black. Their first project was to update the landscaping to better showcase the home. They have completed a full kitchen renovation, added an outdoor patio, and repaired all of the drywall and ceilings throughout the home. Their efforts earned them a historic preservation award from the Decatur’s Historic Preservation Commission in May of 2023. After spending 25 years in the U.S. Army and visiting dozens of historic districts and dreaming of owning a home in one, the Conkles are glad to have finally found their “Historic District home” and settled in with so many fantastic neighbors. Tour-goers are sure to be dazzled this year when visiting this stately brick home.