406 Canal Street NE

Circa 1938

After razing the Victorian-style home that had been the residence of his grandparents, John D. Wyker and Clara Wyker, this impressive Colonial Revival house was built in 1938 by Fred (Pick) S. Hunt, Jr. for his bride, Louise. The large lot was used to their advantage to create this magnificent Colonial Revival home. Reminiscent of Colonial area homes, this 406 Canal Street beauty has a long colonnade across the front accented by broken pediment. Timbers were taken from the original 1880s Victorian home and used as the current home’s living room floorboards. Additionally, the exterior shutters are thought to be from the 1880 home. Some other unique features of the property include a well and a bomb shelter. A historic attached garage, quite rare in the historic district, showcases the growing dominance of automobiles as Decatur removed the four streetcar lines that once served the city.

The first residents of this home were Fred S. Hunt, Jr. and his spouse, Louise. Fred received a law degree in 1936 and practiced above the Wyker Hardware Store on Bank Street. Fred left his law practice to work for the State Bonded Warehouse on 2nd Avenue. Founded about the same time the house was built and located along the rail lines, the company provided material handling and warehousing space to support various industries and trades that utilized the railroad system. The Hunts lived in this home for many years raising their two children here. Both Fred and Louise passed away in the late 1970’s.

Following their deaths, the home sat vacant for some time until the Hunt children sold it to Bayne and Vickie Vaughan In 1981. The Vaughan’s raised their two sons, Jay and Bentley, here. They entertained family and friends here for 32 years. Under the Vaughan’s ownership, the home was featured on numerous tours and publications. During this time, one of the most recognized Christmas decorations in Old Decatur was a life-size Nutcracker that adorned the front door for more than 20 years. The nutcracker was constructed by the Vaughan’s as a family project. In years past, families brought their children to the home to photograph them with the magnificent nutcracker.

In 2019, the current owner, Courtney Perrin, purchased this home from Jon and Kara Huff. The Huffs had a large part in its current renovations. 406 Canal Street NE in Old Decatur is a must-see on this year’s Christmas Tour.